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World CleanTech Awards 2021 Honor for the First Time Visionary Companies and Startups 

Powered by CleanTech Business Club, the Awards recognize individuals and companies paving the way for the cleantech transformation during the CleanTech Decade.

Paris, France, January 20, 2022 - The 2021 edition of the World CleanTech Awards (WCA) has unveiled its list of twenty-two recipients of WCA Distinctions and two nominees of its Special Lifetime Achievements Awards. The CleanTech Business Club (CBC) together with its strategic partners has been honoring visionary individuals since 2017, and now, for the first time, is recognizing innovative companies and startups championing the cleantech transformation mission.


“The 2021 edition of the World CleanTech Awards, formerly known as the Solar Future Today Visionary Influencers Awards, is honoring for the first time not only visionary individuals but also visionary “well-established companies” and startups that pave the way for the cleantech transformation," said Prof. Eicke Weber, Chair of the WCA Jury, Chair of the European Solar Manufacturing Council and Former Director of Fraunhofer ISE. “We are incredibly excited to reveal the list of distinguished visionary personalities, companies, organizations, institutes, and startups coming from thirteen countries on all six continents: 


WCA Nominees of its Special Lifetime Achievements Awards:

  • Shri K.S.Popli, Advisor at International Solar Alliance; Former CMD of Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency (IREDA); CBC Honorary Chair for India

  • Dr Arnulf Jaeger-Waldau, Senior Expert at European Commission, DG JRC (Joint Research Center)


WCA Distinction Recipients in Master Category: Visionary CleanTech Influencer of The Year supervised by Dr David Renné, Immediate Past President at ISES; CBC Chair of Solar Technology Hub: 

  • Visionary CleanTech Scientist: Prof. Mark Z. Jacobson, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Stanford University

  • Visionary CleanTech Investor: Alexandre Rosa, Founder of WMF Energy

  • Visionary CleanTech Policy Decision-Maker (Hans Josef-Fell Distinction):

    • Christine Milne, Global Greens Ambassador; Former Leader of the Australian Greens and Senator for Tasmania

    • Minh Le, GM, Energy and Environmental Services at Los Angeles County ISD; Former Director, Solar Energy Technologies Office at U.S. Department of Energy

  • Visionary CleanTech Disruptor (Tony Seba Distinction):

    • Dr Hitesh Doshi, Chairman at Waaree Group; CBC Co-Chair for Asia & Chair for India

    • Dean Solon, Founder at Shoals Technologies Group

    • Daniel Huang, Founder & President at GoodWe; CBC Chair for China

  • Visionary CleanTech Educator (Mary O’Donnell Distinction):

    • Francesca Shirley, Schools Program Manager at Namene Solar

    • Peng Choo, Director at STEMSEL Foundation

  • Visionary CleanTech Student (Million Solar Stars Distinction): Maya Ramah, Senior - Grade 12 Student at Dunecrest American School

  • Visionary CleanTech StartUp Investor ( Eicke R. Weber Distinction): Fady Jameel, Deputy President and Vice-Chairman International of Abdul Latif Jameel

  • Visionary CleanTech Startup Founder (Charlie Gay Distinction): Ali Halabi, CEO, Founder at Volt Lines BV


WCA Distinction Recipients in Master Category: Visionary CleanTech Businesses of The Year supervised by Jean-Pascal Pham-Ba, Co-founder and CEO at SCALE.NGO; CBC Chair of Financial & Investor Hub:

  • Visionary CleanTech Business & Technology Disruptor in Transportation: BYD

  • Visionary CleanTech Business & Technology Disruptor in Other Disruptive Technologies: H2 Industries

  • Visionary CleanTech Financial & Investment Institution: FAST-Infra Platform

  • Visionary CleanTech Utility Distinction: Eurelectric

  • Visionary CleanTech R&D Institution: Fraunhofer ISE


WCA Distinction Recipients in Master Category: Visionary CleanTech StartUp of The Year supervised by Anis Jouini, CEO at CEA-INES; CBC Chair of CleanTech StartUp & SME Hub: 

  • Visionary CleanTech StartUp in Energy: 

    • EDPA

    • PowerUp

  • Visionary CleanTech StartUp in Other Disruptive Technologies: Sustainable Concepts & Autarcon

  • Visionary CleanTech VC of the Year Distinction: AP Ventures

  • Visionary CleanTech Incubator of the Year: Startupbootcamp


The WCA Jury, formed by the past awardees of the Solar Future Today Visionary Influencers Awards, will vote on the winner in each master category by January 31, 2022. All the winners will be announced during the WCA Black-tie Gala Ceremony scheduled for March 14, 2022, in Dubai, UEA.

“We are looking forward to meeting face-to-face in Dubai with extraordinary WCA nominees, distinction recipients, and the winners,” said Cornelius Matthes, WCA Jury Expert; CEO at Dii Desert Energy and CBC Chair for Middle East.  "As the Awards Strategic Partner, we are extremely proud that some of our members active along the value chain for emission-free technologies were honored with WCA Distinctions which shows that cleantech transformation and race to the zero-emission is accelerated with the right technologies for green electrons and molecules."


Under the #TogetherWeAreStronger and #Declaration2030 initiatives, CBC aims to take immediate action to emerge with a positive, post-pandemic cleantech disruption, creating millions of jobs globally. 


"We have just entered into the CleanTech Decade, the most dynamic decade in modern history," said Dr David Renné.  "This decade can bring about more progress in cleantech disruption than the world has ever experienced. To reach this goal, we need to unite visionary industry leaders, the financial & investor community, corporations, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), energy companies and utilities, political leaders and decision-makers, and public opinion influencers," he said. "WCA aims to honor them and invite them to unite in promoting joint actions for the CleanTech Decade."


WCA is a platform for exploring collective opportunities to accelerate the exponential growth of solar, battery storage, electric vehicles, smart energy, green hydrogen, and other clean technologies, and to scale up cleantech investments from billions to trillions. “Everyone has something to contribute to the cleantech transformation for the benefit of all. Our goal is to connect everyone in a friendly, cooperative and stimulating manner.” Added Jean-Pascal Pham-Ba.


Goldman Sachs estimates that $16 trillion has been committed globally for cleantech investments for 2020-2030, and $70 trillion will be required to meet the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement in 2050. “This allocation creates immense opportunities for cleantech startups and SMEs, and I believe that these startups selected and awarded by the WCA will be able to attract some of these funds and get investors' and VCs' attention.” Said Anis Jouni.


“Given that our club's #Declaration2030 is a call to all to unite and transform our planet, we firmly believe that WCA Awardees will also join our journey beyond the Awards, and work together more effectively than apart. #TogetherWeAreStronger.” Summarised "CleanTech Mama" Mary O'Donnell, Jury Member; President at Clean Power Inc and Honorary Chair of CBC Empowering Women Hub.


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