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Energy Management Solution

1. Applicant Information



CEO & Founder

Algebra Intelligence

Makkah Towers, Amman, Jordan



❖ Ahmad Altawafsheh – Founder & CEO

CEO/Founder at Algebra Intelligence, Ahmad has 15 years of experience in the area of Renewable Energy 8 of which are in Germany. Moreover, Ahmad is a member of the Jordan Engineers Association (JEA) as a Mechatronics engineer and he holds two master’s degrees, one in Business Administration and the other in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency.

 Batool Almallahi – CTO
Information Technology Senior Developer with 10 years of experience. She is skilled in Mobile Application Development, Scrum, and Managing Technical Personnel. Strong information technology professional with a Master’s Degree focused in Computer Information System from Yarmouk University, CIS.

2. Criteria - Applicants Responses 

Which clean technology categories does your innovation cover?

Solar Power, Smart Energy, AI, Blockchain & IoT, Energy Efficiency

Please select the category you’re submitting your application for

New Product

Please select the phase of your innovation:

Other (please specify)


3. Questionnaire - Applicants Responses 

Proposal/ Submission Title

Energy Management Solution

Problem Statement

The problem that Algebra tries to solve is the following:
- Increasing energy consumption and high cost of electricity bills.
- Lack of maintenance activities will lead to reducing the efficiency of renewable energy systems generation, performance, and management.
- High operational costs for grid operators due to fluctuations in generation/demand and lack of accurate forecasting.
- Lack of predictive maintenance reduces asset service life, increases maintenance costs, and causes disruptions in a generation.

Which do you think are the innovative factors of your idea?

A commercial feature of AI is provided for all TaQTaK solar projects. It allows clients to have forecasted energy from the solar system. For more than two sites a remarkable 95% accuracy is achieved. This improved forecasting precision significantly contributes to increased energy dispatch capabilities. The forecasting machine learning model is designed to forecast power values depending on irradiance values as a predictor variable. The forecasted values, along with their upper and lower confidence interval limits, are given 3 days in advance with an accuracy of 95%.

Which benefits would your idea bring to the industry?

Product Benefits
- Using software-based techniques to significantly reduce OPEX.
- Focusing on RE forecasting by projecting renewable energy generation and consumption in order to increase the value of the resource by increasing its dependability and economic viability.
- Facilitating the integration of solar and wind power into regional electric grids by lowering the integration and operating costs associated with these intermittent generating sources while ensuring economic dispatch and a dependable energy supply.
- Improving visibility into assets’ performance and operations.
- Utilizing smart technological management solutions, such as predictive maintenance which contributes to decreasing downtime of assets.

To which challenges does your idea provide a solution to?

- Reducing energy costs by optimizing renewable energy generation and consumption with real-time visibility into asset performance and smart forecasting.
- Reducing operational and maintenance costs through smart ticketing, resource allocation, AI-assisted predictive maintenance notifications, and smart on-demand reporting.
- Improving planning, provisioning and integration of renewable energy sources with accurate energy forecasting of generation and consumption.

4. Supporting attachments and links 

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