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A New World Business Order seeking to access the nearing USD 3 T market.

1. Applicant Information



Founder & Managing Director


Dubai & Cairo

UAE & Egypt


2. Criteria - Applicants Responses 

Which clean technology categories does your innovation cover?

Solar Power, Energy Storage, Smart Energy, Energy Efficiency, Other (please specify)


Please select the category you’re submitting your application for

New Idea

Please select the phase of your innovation:


3. Questionnaire - Applicants Responses 

Proposal/ Submission Title

A New World Business Order seeking to access the nearing USD 3 T market.

Problem Statement

Partners(Investors, Developers, manufacturers, contractors and the whole supply chain of products and services) face a lot of downtime unable to fill their pipeline with potential projects and the projects acquired take excessive amount of time to materialize.
On the other end of the table there is the consumer who is paying high price on their electricity consumption and is either not aware of the solution or is aware of the solution but can't get it resolved in a secured and timely manner. This is happening for a current USD 200-300B market and in 4-5 years it will hit at least USD 3T.

Which do you think are the innovative factors of your idea?

1- We built a new business model that enables both the buyer and the provider to generate revenue streams with zero investment requirements, without change in their operation and even better with a big chunk of the operation expenditure waived off their shoulders.
2- Project materialization can happen at a much faster pace that can be as easy as a mobile tap.

Which benefits would your idea bring to the industry?

1-Revolutionize the project to a completely new world business model that will acquire higher revenue stream for both the consumer/customer & partner*.
2-Will facilitate global networking that is not just built to expand relations, but in fact built on real achievable projects. Thus the kick-off of the relations is already a successful monetized relation.
3- Will fast-track the renewable energy business from an old long process cycle to a fast paced dealing and wheeling.
4- Partners and customers will be able to utilize today's technology into operation.
5- Enhanced Supply and Demand, especially that demand has been ahead for several years.
6- Much higher job opportunities would be created the employment & through freelancing.
7- Lower law suit cases due to the nature of our secured relation business model.
8- Much lower OPEX.

To which challenges does your idea provide a solution to?

1- Project investment.
2- Poject allocation
3- Project cycle from lead generation to materialization
4- Required capital investment stops project materialization.
5- Companies' agreements and relations hinder project materialization.
6- Revenue and operation down-time
7- Floating unwanted expenditure
8- Unsatisfied and unattended to potential and actual demand.
9- Payment channels
10- Financial and legal risks.
11- Low industry awareness drive suspicion and thus reduce demand.

4. Supporting attachments and links 

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