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Agriculture Reengineering

1. Applicant Information




C.Bio Energy - Energy/Agro Solutions

Rua Diego de Castilho 150, 1602, zip 05704070, São Paulo, Brazil



2. Criteria - Applicants Responses 

Which clean technology categories does your innovation cover?

Solar Power, Bioenergy & Waste To Energy, Smart Energy, E-fuel, Energy Efficiency, Sustainable Agriculture

Please select the category you’re submitting your application for

New Idea, New Solution

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3. Questionnaire - Applicants Responses 

Proposal/ Submission Title

Agriculture Reengineering

Problem Statement

Our comprehensive industrial plant solution offers a range of benefits with zero waste. It includes corn processing, ethanol and bran production, cogeneration, and the potential for scalability. With a daily processing capacity of 600 tons of corn, we generate 83,500 m3 of hydrous ethanol and 60,000 tons of bran annually, along with 37,000 MWh of energy that can be doubled. The project includes environmental licenses, operates throughout the year, and offers a bovine confinement facility with a static capacity of 25,000 animals, catering to slaughterhouses and ranchers in the state. With a focus on sustainability, we utilize biomass from reforestation and solid waste from confinement for steam and energy generation. Additionally, our integrated logistics and warehousing, along with the generation of composted biofertilizer and integration with the ILPF system (Integration of Crop, Livestock, and Forestry), further enhance the efficiency and environmental friendliness of the project.

Which do you think are the innovative factors of your idea?

Definitely, it´s the zero waste concept and production with the installation of a plant for the industrialization of corn with the production of anhydrous and hydrous ethanol, in addition to by-products, such as meal for animal feed (DDGS), electricity, vegetable oil, composted biofertilizer, biogas and cattle confinement.

Which benefits would your idea bring to the industry?

Our idea brings several benefits to the industry:
It enables the recovery of degraded pastures, improving their productivity and sustainability. By implementing crop rotation and straw formation, we enhance soil fertility and overall health. This leads to increased production efficiency, higher yields, and diversified income on the property. Our approach mitigates climate and market risks through sustainable land management practices and diversification. We improve soil quality, optimize input usage, reduce pests and diseases, and enhance animal performance. By promoting carbon-neutral meat production, we add value to the industry. Our solution also increases the long-term value of land assets by improving soil health and sustainability.

To which challenges does your idea provide a solution to?

Our solution enables the recovery of degraded pastures by facilitating crop rotation, straw formation for nutrient cycling, and increasing production per unit area. By diversifying activities and income on the property, it helps reduce climate and market risks. Moreover, our solution improves the physical, chemical, and biological properties of the soil, leading to increased efficiency in the use of inputs and reduced incidence of pests, diseases, and weeds. It also enhances animal performance on pasture and adds value to production through the production of carbon-neutral meat, ultimately valuing the land asset.

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