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Cassetex is a network of solar powered battery swapping stations for 1.5+million electric last mile vehicles in Bangladesh.

1. Applicant Information

Gopal Kumar


Director and Chief Technology Officer

Advanced Dynamics Limited

House 37, Road 11, Banani, Dhaka, 1213



Gopal Kumar Mohoto – Co-founder & CTO
Ahmad Ad – Co-founder & CEO
Tauseef Anwar – Co-founder & Chief Business Officer

2. Criteria - Applicants Responses 

Which clean technology categories does your innovation cover?

Solar Power, Energy Storage, Smart Energy, AI, Blockchain & IoT, Electric Mobility, Energy Efficiency, Recycling

Please select the category you’re submitting your application for

New Idea, New Product, New Solution, Other (please specify)

Enabling Energy Transition

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3. Questionnaire - Applicants Responses 

Proposal/ Submission Title

Cassetex is a network of solar powered battery swapping stations for 1.5+million electric last mile vehicles in Bangladesh.

Problem Statement

Over 1.5 million electric 3-Wheelers across Bangladesh is the only income source of the operator and his family. The number of vehicles increased rapidly without much oversight, leading to energy management problems at the fossil fuel driven national grid. Moreover the use of inefficient toxic lead-acid batteries and replacement cost of the battery every year, stuck the vehicle operators in the loan cycle forever. “Cassetex'' is a solar-powered battery swapping station service for electric last-mile transport. Using Battery ATM our registered customer can swap multiple times a day and they pay the energy bill through mobile banking. Li-ion batteries are charged efficiently, so safety, life and the range of vehicles are also extended, doubling the daily income of operators.

Which do you think are the innovative factors of your idea?

Cassetex includes innovation in energy production and energy uses. When a high quality li-ion battery is charged directly on site from solar energy it adds higher efficiency in the system. IOT and machine learning platform is designed to achieve the topmost efficiency with optimum life cycle from a solar energy system it also ensures 24x7 services. This includes huge environmental and financial benefits as vehicles are used for longer.

Furthermore, our innovation in utilizing 2nd-life li-ion cells opened a new door for sustainability in EV. Co-founder and CTO is awarded as one of the most ethical persons in electronics as his contribution in up-cycling li-ion cell and innovation in EV retrofitting solution by World Ethical Electronics Forum 2022. We are pioneering social innovation with a franchise based woman led micro-energy-entrepreneur model which opened a totally new opportunity for women to get into energy trading , income generation and opportunity to live sustainable life.

Which benefits would your idea bring to the industry?

Cassetex is connecting Social, Economic and Environmental inclusion by achieving SDGs.

SDG 7 - Introducing renewable to the transport sector by using solar panels for efficient off-grid charging.

SDG 8 - Generating decent employment for women in the energy & transport sector by enabling women-led energy franchisees and creating 200000+ micro energy entrepreneurs nationwide.

SDG 9 - Building a resilient, efficient, safe and affordable charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.

SDG 11 - Ensuring cities remain emission free and the natural environment is free from toxic battery waste.

SDG 12 and 13 - Cassetex is utilizing second life li-ion cells from high end EVs to build a good portion of its li-ion battery pack. And already partnered with an international organization in life cycle assessment of second life cell uses also to ensure proper recycling at end of life.

To which challenges does your idea provide a solution to?

Three wheelers are one of the most popular forms of transport in Bangladesh, they are mostly electric but the energy at the national grid used to charge them is produced almost entirely by burning fossil fuel. The driving power in current technology is direct purchase of lead-acid batteries and charging for 10-12 hours from national grid lines.

Because of poverty and easy access to grid line tempering mechanisms there is a tendency to tap into illegal connection. For years the government has been trying hard but failed to regulate the illegal connection used to charge vehicles in semi urban and rural areas. As a result, the local government is pushing these vehicle owners to abandon the EVs and switch back to gasoline vehicles. So, while the millions of electric 3-wheelers created millions of green jobs; have made small town’s cleaner and transport more affordable; the burden on the fossil-fuel national electricity grid is increasingly unmanageable.

4. Supporting attachments and links 

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