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Electrification and Energy Access

1. Applicant Information




Reheat Africa

WEstern Cape, South Africa

South Africa


Gerhard Erasmus - Managing Director
Neill Human - Founder / CTO

2. Criteria - Applicants Responses 

Which clean technology categories does your innovation cover?

Solar Power, Energy Efficiency

Please select the category you’re submitting your application for

New Product

Please select the phase of your innovation:


3. Questionnaire - Applicants Responses 

Proposal/ Submission Title

Electrification and Energy Access

Problem Statement

Over 500 million people in Africa have no access to electricity and use fossil fuel as their primary source of cooking and water heating, resulting in deforestation, CO2 emissions and poverty.

Which do you think are the innovative factors of your idea?

- Innovative Photovoltaic solar panel controller that allows for direct heating from PV using a resistive heating element.
- Low cost conversion of Photovoltaic generated energy for heating application directly

-Deployment of Re:HEAT microcontrollers in Africa for private and commercial use for heating
- Communal PV water heating stations for rural electrification

Which benefits would your idea bring to the industry?

- Renewable energy-powered direct heating applications from PV panels for water heating and process heat.
- Reduction in the use of fossil fuels for heating application
- Energy access in Africa

To which challenges does your idea provide a solution to?

- Energy Access ---> Low-cost cooking and heating from electricity
- Climate Action ---> reduction in the use of fossil fuels and resulting emissions
- Reduce poverty ---> Reduces the dependence on purchasing expensive fossil fuels
- Gender Equality ---> Reduce the drudgery for Woman and Girls to collect fossil fuel for cooking and heating

4. Supporting attachments and links 

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